Handheld scanner AR2000, manufactured by AOR.

The handheld scanner AOR AR2000 was introduced around 1991, it covers the range of 500 kHz - 1300 MHz in 5 kHz steps and has 1000 memory channels. AOR AR2000

Technical data

Power supply

  • Batteries: 4 x 1.5 V (UM-3) or 1.2 V NiCd rechargeable batteries, 11 - 15 V DC


  • 170 x 35 x 65 mm, weight 0.3 kg


  • DA900 antenna

AOR AR2000


At the time of its launch, the AR2000 hand-held scanner stood out with its extreme wide frequency coverage, large number of memories and acceptable reception quality, and made a clear difference to cheaper scanners.

For operation, an appropriate antenna (a rubber helix antenna is included) is connected to the BNC connector, the set can be powered by four UM-3 batteries or four NiCd 1.2 V accumulators.

The most important analogue controls are located on the top face of the unit. Two concentric controls serve as volume control (combined with the main switch) and squelch control on the outside, the UP/DOWN rotary switch on the right is the tuning knob. Next to the antenna connector is a button for the - 20 dB attenuator.

On the front there is the LCD display showing the frequency (accuracy 0.5 kHz), the keypad with the numeric keys for direct frequency entry and the controls for memory and scan mode and the loudspeaker.

To enter a frequency manually, press the keys MANUAL - x x x. x x x ENTER, the frequency is entered in MHz, if the dot is omitted, the set jumps directly to the corresponding frequency in MHz. When the is tuned to the desired frequency, you can continue tuning with the UP/DOWN knob. To do this, INCrement can be used to change the tuning step from the default 12.5 kHz: INC x x (kHz) ENTER.

The AM/FM keys switch between AM and narrowband FM, W-FM switches to wideband FM reception of broadcasting stations.

The owners manual provides information on the memory and scan functions; 100 frequencies can be stored in each of ten banks 0 - 9; in scan mode, these can all be marked with LOCKOUT for skipping (for example, known continuous carriers).

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet.


The set is semi-conductor equipped.

Technical documentation


Further information

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