Tube equipped receivers of Hallicrafters

After the bankruptcy of the initial Silver - Marshall Manufacturing Co. of Chicago, the company was taken over by radio engineer Bill Halligan in 1934, a new company emerged which was almost entirely devoted to the construction of communications receivers, the Hallicrafters, Inc..

With the S-1 Sky Rider, an inexpensive five-tube receiver was introduced in 1934, it gave access to beginners to the shortwave spectrum at an affordable price. In early 1935, with the Super Skyrider or S-4, a first superhet receiver with 7 tubes followed. In the coming years, several receivers in parallel quality classes and price ranges followed with rapidly increasing type numbers.

The cheapest receivers were the Sky Buddy entry-level receivers, which were quickly produced in large numbers and popular due to their good price-performance ratio. During the war years, the double conversion set SX-28 was produced in large numbers, but after the end of the war, the focus turned back to the demands of radio amateurs.

The S-38 as successor to the Sky Buddy was an entry-level model revised several times and it was adapted to the technical progress in it's design and in the tube layout. A first S-40 single conversion receiver was introduced in 1946, the S-40A followed in 1950 and shortly after the S-40B with slight tube modification. According to a Hallicrafters advertisement of 1950, it was at that time the „world's most popular ham receiver“. From 1951 onwards, a line of double conversion receivers of very similar external appearance was launched in parallel with the S-76.

The SX-42 followed in 1947, after being announced as the first all wave receiver, the set with the widest frequency range. For the first time, all frequencies up to 108 MHz, which was the then new FM broadcast band, were covered. In addition, the set came with a push pull AF stage, which helped to achieve nearly hi-fi performance. Its successor was the SX-62 Globemaster with a horizontal dial.

From 1954, receivers with their characteristic two semicircular dials for coarse tuning and bandspread were introduced, the SX-100 was produced in several variants until 1962. This receiver generation was then replaced by sets with a horinzontal dial dominating the front panel. Hallicrafters sets were introduced in rapidly changing model succession, usually a whole range of different receivers for listeners with different demands and pockets. As a rule of the thumb, the receivers designated SX were equipped with more selective quartz filters offer better performance on the bands.

The Hallicrafters co. company after 1966 has seen several new owners: Northrop and then other owners. Even in the 1970s, receivers from other manufacturers were sold bearing the hallicrafters brand logo.

Tube equipped receivers of Hallicrafters

SX-10 / Ultra Skyrider1936Single Conversion5.6 - 79.5 MHztunable crystal filter
SX-11 / Super Skyrider1936Single Conversion540 kHz - 38.1 MHztunable crystal filter
SX-12 / Skyrider Commercial1937Single Conversion110 kHz - 11.5 MHztunable crystal filter
S-14 / Sky Chief1936Single Conversion540 kHz - 18 MHz
SX-15 / Sky Challenger1937Single Conversion540 kHz - 38.1 MHztunable crystal filter
SX-16 / Super Skyrider1937Single Conversion540 kHz - 61 MHztunable crystal filter
SX-17 / Super Skyrider1938Single Conversion540 kHz - 62 MHztunable crystal filter
SX-18 / Sky Challenger II1938Single Conversion540 kHz - 38 MHztunable crystal filter
S-19 / Sky Buddy1938Single Conversion540 kHz - 46 MHzBFO
S-19R / Sky Buddy1939Single Conversion540 kHz - 46 MHzBFO
S-20 / Sky Champion1938Single Conversion540 kHz - 44 MHzAnalogue display
S-211938Single Conversion27 - 68 MHzAnalogue display
S-22R1940Single Conversion110 kHz - 18 MHzAnalogue display, universal power supply
SX-23 / Skyrider 231939Single Conversion540 kHz - 34 MHz
SX-24 / Skyrider Defiant1939Single Conversion540 kHz - 43.5 MHz3 coil filters / 3 crystal filters, noise limiter
SX-25 / Super Defiant1940Single Conversion540 kHz - 42 MHz3 coil filters / 3 crystal filters, noise limiter
S-271940Single Conversion27 - 145 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-28A1944Single Conversion550 kHz - 43 MHz3 coil filters / 3 crystal filters, noise limiter
S-291940Single Conversion540 kHz - 30.5 MHzAnalogue dial
S-30 Radio Compass1940Single Conversion220 kHz - 3 MHzMaritime direction finder receiver
S-311941Single Conversion540 - 1650 kHz; 40 - 51 MHzHifi receiver and amplifier
SX-321941Single Conversion500 kHz - 42 MHzAnalogue dial
S-371945Single Conversion130 - 210 MHzAnalogue dial
S-381946Single Conversion540 kHz - 32 MHzAnalogue dial
S-401946Single Conversion540 kHz - 43 MHzAnalogue dial
S-40A1947Single Conversion540 kHz - 43 MHzanalogue dial
S-40B1950Single Conversion540 kHz - 43 MHzAnalogue dial, loudspeaker grill integrated in the cabinet
S-411946Single Conversion540 kHz - 43 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-421947Single Conversion540 kHz - 110 MHz3 coil filters /3 crystal filters, noise limiter
SX-431947Single Conversion540 kHz - 110 MHz3 coil filters /3 crystal filters, noise limiter
S-471947Single Conversion540 kHz - 18 MHz, 88 - 108 MHzAnalogue dial
S-51 Seafarer1947Single Conversion132 kHz - 13 MHzanalogue display
S-531948Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHz, 48 - 54.5 MHzAnalogue dial
S-53A1948Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHz, 48 - 54,5 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-621948Single Conversion540 kHz - 110 MHz3 coil filters /3 crystal filters, noise limiter
SX-711949Single Conversion540 kHz - 56 MHzAnalogue dial
S-721949Single Conversion540 kHz - 30 MHzAnalogue dial
S-761951Double Conversion538 kHz - 34 MHzAnalogue dial
S-801951Single Conversion550 kHz-1.6 MHz / 6-18 MHzAnalogue dial
S-811951Single Conversion152 - 173 MHzAnalogue dial
S-821951Single Conversion30 - 50 MHzAnalogue dial
S-851954Single Conversion540 kHz - 34 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-881954Single Conversion538 kHz - 33 MHzNoise limiter
S-941955Single Conversion30 - 50 MHzAnalogue dial
S-951955Single Conversion152 - 173 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-961954Doppelsuper540 kHz - 34 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-991955Single Conversion538 kHz - 34 MHzNoise limiter
SX-1001956Doppelsuper540 kHz - 34 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-1011956Single ConversionHam bandsNoise limiter, Notch filter, crystal calibrator
S-1031956Single Conversion535-1620 kHz, 5.8-18.3 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-1041957Single Conversion30 - 50 MHzAnalogue dial
SX-1051957Single Conversion152 - 173 MHzAnalogue dial
S-1081959Single ConversionGeneral Coverage & Ham bandsNoise Limiter
SX-1101959Single Conversion538 kHz - 34 MHzNoise limiter, S-Meter
SX-1111960Double ConversionHam bands
SX-1151961Triple ConversionHam bands
SX-1171962Double ConversionHam bands
S-119 Sky Buddy II1961Single Conversion540 kHz - 16,4 MHzAnalogue dial
S-1201960Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHzAnalogue dial
S-120A / Star Quest1969Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHzAnalogue dial, solid state
SX-1221964Single Conversion538 kHz - 34 MHzNoise limiter
SX-1291965Single Conversion535 kHz - 31,5 MHzNoise limiter
SX-1301965Single Conversion535 kHz - 31,5 MHzCrystal filter, Noise limiter
SX-1401960Single Conversion80 - 5 m ham bands
S-2001965Single Conversion535 kHz - 15,5 MHzAC/DC
DD-11938Single Conversion0.54 - 46 MHzAnalogue dial
RE-11942Single Conversion0.54 - 19 MHzAnalogue dial
TW-1000A1952Single Conversion180-400, 540-1600 kHz, 1.8-3.9, 3.9-8 MHzbandspread in 31, 25, 19 and 16 m broadcast bands, Analogue dial
5R401953Single Conversion535-1620 kHz, 5.8-18.3 MHzAnalogue dial
5R10A1951Single Conversion540-1650 kHz, 1.65-5.1 / 5.1-14.4 / 13-31 MHzAnalogue dial

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