Tube equipped receivers of Hammarlund

Similar to other American manufacturers, Hammarlund was initially founded to manufacture components necessary for the construction of a radio receiver. It was not until 1931 that the first complete receiver, the „Comet“, was introduced to the market; this set and its successor, the „Comet Pro“, were the first commercially available superheterodyne receivers.

In 1936, the „Comet Super Pro“ was introduced as the ultimate shortwave receiver. This receiver, called „Super Pro“ for short, was gradually developed from the prototype SP 10. The regular development ended with the model SP - 110, the SP - 600 as the conclusion of the model series was produced in a number of variants until 1972. The characteristic front plate with the main and band spread tuning dials visible in two cut-outs was only slightly redesigned over the years.

In the middle price segment, a second receiver series was added. It began in 1938 with the HQ - 120 or HQ - 120X (with crystal filter) and was also improved over decades to the HQ - 140, HQ - 160 to the HQ - 180, which was for sale until 1973. The front panel of this receiver series is also distinctive with the two dial cut-outs, the S-meter in between and the optional electric station clock.

After an unsuccessful attempt to enter the solid state market with the transistorised amateur radio receiver HQ - 215, Hammarlund's receiver production was discontinued in the early 1970s and the company was sold several times, among others to the Cardwell Group.

Tube receivers of the Hammarlund Mfg. Co.

Comet Pro1932/5Single Conversion1.2 - 30 MHz (four sets of plug-in coils)(optional 545-1200 kHz and 18.75 - 37.5 MHz)
HQ - 1001956Single Conversion540 kHz - 30 MHzNoise limiter, Q multiplier
HQ - 100Cvariant with built-in clock
HQ - 100Avariant with built-in BFO
HQ - 129X1946Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHzNoise Limiter, RF Gain
HQ - 140X1953Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHzNoise Limiter, RF Gain
HQ - 1451959Double Conversion540 kHz - 30 MHzNoise limiter, RF Gain
HQ - 145Cwith built-in clock
HQ - 145Xwith fixed frequency crystal
HQ - 145Ewith transformer 115 / 230 V
HQ - 145A1966Double Conversion540 kHz - 30 MHzNoise Limiter, RF Gain
HQ - 145ACwith built-in clock
HQ - 145AXwith fixed frequency crystal
HQ - 1501956Single Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHznoise limiter, RF gain, crystal calibrator
HQ - 1601958Double Conversion540 kHz - 31 MHzNoise limiter, RF Gain, crystal calibrator
HQ - 1701958Triple ConversionHam bandsNoise limiter, RF Gain, calibration marker
HQ - 170Cbuilt-in clock
HQ - 170Aoptional 2m-band converter
HQ - 1801959Triple Conversion540 kHz - 30 MHznoise limiter, RF gain, crystal calibrator
HQ - 180Cbuilt-in clock
HQ - 180RCrack version, built-in clock
HQ - 180XEwith 11 fixed frequency crystal positions and 115/230 V transformer
PRO - 3101955Double Conversion550 kHz - 35.52 MHznoise limiter, calibration marker
SP - 400 - X1946Single Conversion540 kHz - 30 MHzNoise limiter
SPR - 400 - XRack Version
SP - 400 - SXextended frequency range 1.25 - 40 MHz
SP - 600 - JX / Super Pro 6001951Double Conversion540 kHz - 54 MHz6 fixed frequency crystal positions, bandwidths 13 / 8 / 3 / 1.3 / 0.5 / 0.2 kHz, noise limiter
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