AEG / Telefunken E 800

VLF - HF Receiver E 800/2; manufactured by AEG - Telefunken, Ulm.

The receivers of the E1800 family came in different versions:

E1800E 1800, original version
E1800/3E1800 with mechanical filters, improved front end
E1800/4E 1800 with mechanical filters
E1800AE 1800 with DSP in the second intermediate frequency
E800scaled-down version of the E1800

Telefunken E 800/2

Technical data

Power supply


  • 433 x 132 x 465 mm, 9.5 kg; in optional desktop cabinet 535 x 170 x 485 mm, 15 kg


  • TD 800 demodulator for F1B, F1C, F3E, F7B (option 01); B8E demodulator (ISB, option 04)

Telefunken E 800/2


The E800/2 receiver is housed in a 19„ rack, it is a somewhat slimmed-down version of the E1800; the receiver is not modular, but most of the circuitry is located on the main circuit board.

On the front panel there is a row of LED indicators at the top.
Below that, from the left, are the keys for controlling the memory and scan functions, and the numeric keypad for direct frequency entry.

Below the digital frequency display (which shows the working frequency with an accuracy of 10 Hz) are the keys for storing and recalling memory and the tuning knob. To the right of this is the bandwidth display and the two buttons for selecting the wider and narrower IF filter.

At the top right are the LED bar displays, the left one can be used to display the signal and the carrier (marked red), the right one shows the HF or AF signal strength. Below are the buttons for selecting the operation mode, the operation modes A1, A3, J3E (SSB) and with installed option 01 F1B (FSK), F3 (FM) can be accessed directly.
The buttons below switch between automatic and manual RF control (AGC), activates the squelch, etc; the STANDBY switch to the right is the main power switch.

On the right is the monitor speaker, which is activated with the button at the top right; below it is the rotary control for volume control (AF Gain) and the headphone jack.

Technical principle


The set is completely solid state.


The Telefunken E1800 was launched in 1985 and was soon considered by experts to be the world's best receiver. This was followed by the E1800/3 version with an improved HF front end and, around 1994, the E1800A version with digital signal processing in the second intermediate frequency, the IF filters can be programmed in software in this DSP technology and replaced the mechanical filters on the 200 kHz IF of the E1800.

The Telefunken E800 is a slimmed down version of the E1800, with the slightly longer response time it could be used for listening purposes without any problems, for direction finding one used the expensive siblings with the faster processor.

Unlike the E1800, the E800 is not modular, it has a motherboard, power supply unit and front panel elements.

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