Sharp FV-610

Manufactured by Sharp, Osaka.

In the early 1980s, the Japanese manufacturer Sharp had two compact world band receivers in the catalogue, the analogue set FV310 and the FV610 with built-in frequency counter.

Sharp FV-610

Technical data

Power supply


  • 210 x 135 x 45 mm, weight 0.7 kg


Sharp FV-610


The Sharp FV-610 is a compact world band receiver, the double conversion superhet has an integrated digital frequency counter, so that the can be tuned to the correct frequency much better than with just an analogue dial.

The 210 x 135 x 42 mm wide set in its plastic cabinet has similar dimensions like the Sony ICF-7600.

The loudspeaker is located at the left of the front panel, the telescopic antenna is located on the top face of the radio.

At the right are the frequency dials of the VHF, longwave, mediumwave and the seven shortwave bands in a vertical arrangement, the set covers the shortwave broadcast bands from 49 - 13 m in sections of 500 kHz.
Below the dials, the display, used by the frequency counter and the digital clock, is located. Below this you find the buttons to control the quartz clock and timer functions.

Between the loudspeaker and the frequency dials are the controls to select the seven shortwave bands, the tone and the volume control. The main switch and the band selector switch are located on the right face of the radio.

Technical principle

Sharp FV-610 The FV-610 is an analogue double conversion superhet with a digital frequency counter.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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