Nordmende Globetrotter 2019

984.112 H, FTZ 11/639; distributed by Nordmende.

The Nordmende Globetrotter 808 was the last large-format double conversion superhet from Nordmende. In the 1980s, Nordmende continued to have a shortwave radio with the prestigious name Globetrotter in its catalogue. However, the 2019 Globetrotter was a small-format travel radio that was almost certainly manufactured in the Far East; the resemblance to the Silver XF1900 is at least striking.

Nordmende Globetrotter 2019

Technical data

Power supply


  • 252 x 120 x 45 mm, weight 0.5 kg


Nordmende Globetrotter 2019


The Nordmende Globetrotter 2019 is a compact multiband receiver with a built-in frequency counter. The set covers six shortwave bands in addition to FM, long and mediumwaves. Each of the six bands covers one or two international shortwave broadcast bands and the frequency range in between. However, due to gaps between the bands, not the complete shortwave band is covered (4.4 - 5.7 MHz / 5.8 - 7.6 MHz / 8.2 - 10.5 MHz / 11.4 - 13.5 MHz / 14.5 - 18.5 MHz / 21 - 26.1 MHz). The most of the known out-of-band frequencies can be tuned.

On the right side of the front panel are the horizontal frequency dials with coarse frequency marks and bars, which indicate the position of the international shortwave bands. At the right, the LEDs for tuning and battery status indicators and the tuning knob are located.

Four buttons on the top face select VHF, LW, MW, and SW. A slide switch below the tuning knob selects the shortwave bands SW 1-6. Below the analogue frequency dial is the LCD display, which indicates the time or the frequency at the touch of a button. Some small buttons are used to program clock and timer functions, and a small slide switch selects between buzzer and radio for the alarm function.
Below are the two slider controls for the tone and the volume control.

On the left is the loudspeaker grill and in the upper left corner are the buttons for display illumination and to activate the frequency counter.

The Silver XF1900 with similar dimensions and also equipped with a digital frequency counter, practically all operating elements are located in identical positions, is closely related to the small Nordmende Globetrotter 2019, so that it can be assumed that the German set originates from the same production facility.

The SABA Transworld is probably also technically identical and was not an in-house development of the formerly well-known Black Forest manufacturer.

Technical principle

Nordmende Globetrotter 2019 Analogue single conversion superhet with digital frequency counter.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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