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 +====== Sony ICF-3000L ======
 +Manufactured by [[Sony, Corp.]], Tokyo.
 +Around 1976, Sony released a travel radio with an integrated quartz clock with alarm function, the display of the quartz clock was at that time still mechanical.
 +{{:images:sony-icf3000l.jpg?direct&400|Sony ICF-3000L}}
 +===== Technical data =====
 +  * [[Principle]]: [[single conversion superhet]], [[IF]] 468 kHz / FM 10.7 MHz
 +  * [[Operation modes]]: [[A3|AM (A3)]], [[F3|FM (F3)]]
 +  * [[frequency range]]: FM broadcast band, LW, MW, SW (3.9 - 12 MHz).
 +  * [[Frequency display]]: Analogue dial
 +  * [[Frequency memory]]: none
 +  * [[Signal strength indicator]]: [[S-meter]]
 +  * [[Signal processing]] 
 +  * [[Features]]: Quartz clock with timer function
 +  * [[Sensitivity]]: [[A3|AM (A3)]] / [[Selectivity]]: kHz (-6/-60 dB)
 +==== Power supply ====
 +  * [[Mains operation]]: 110, 220 V
 +  * [[Batteries]]: 3 x 1.5 V ([[UM-2]]), 1 x 1.5 V ([[UM-1]]) for quartz clock
 +==== Dimensions ====
 +  * 221 x 234 x 89 mm, weight 1 kg
 +==== Accessories ====
 +  * Stereo adapter STA-50
 +{{:images:sony-icf3000l-front.jpg?direct&400|Sony ICF-3000L}}
 +===== Operation =====
 +Similar to other Sony world band receivers from the "Captain series" ([[ICF-5500M|Captain 55]], [[ICF-5800l|Captain 77]]), the cabinet is in portrait format, the set has a weight of about one kilogram.
 +Above the speaker grill, the mechanical display of the quartz clock is prominently located on the left, to the right of it the vertically running film dial and the [[S-meter]].
 +The set is switched on with the power switch below the clock in position "Manual", in position "Auto" the timer mode is active.
 +The controls for volume ("Volume"), bass and treble are located on the top of the set, as well as the switch to select radio or buzzer operation for the alarm function and the [[AFC]] control for FM broadcast band reception.
 +{{ :images:sony-icf3000l-back.jpg?direct&300|Sony ICF-3000L}} The wave switch and tuning knob are located on the right narrow side of the radio, exact tuning on the vertical film dial is difficult, especially on the shortwave bands with the small band spread; the frequency accuracy is poor with about 100 kHz / mm. On MW and FM broadcast bands, stations can be tuned in with good reliability.
 +An outstanding feature of the set is the quartz clock, the time display is a digital mechanical display. The controls for setting the time are located on the left narrow side of the set. A green flashing LED indicates the seconds.
 +===== Technical principle =====
 +Single conversion, analog frequency processing.
 +==== Components ====
 +The set is solid state.
 +===== Technical documentation =====
 +==== Development ====
 +==== Further information ====
 +  * [[|Sony ICF-3000L on the website of]]
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