Sony ICF-7800 "Newscaster"

Manufactured by Sony, Tokyo.

Around 1978 Sony presented a travel radio with a unique design, the radio can be folded open in the middle with a hinge, only then the speaker and controls become accessible. Sony ICF-7800

Technical data

Power supply


  • 136 x 95 x 70 mm, weight 0.8 kg


  • Mains adapter 6 V DC

Sony ICF-7800


The ICF-7800 „Newscaster“ travel radio, which Sony launched at the end of the 1970s, is characterised by a cubic design; the set can be opened in the middle thanks to a hinge.

Two telescopic antennas are mounted near the centre.

The loudspeaker and the slide switch for the (sleep) timer can be found in the left part of the cabinet; a time of 3 - 90 minutes or 1 - 9 hours can be preselected.

All the controls are on the right of the front panel. Above the square window with the analogue film dial, the tape with the frequency marks is moved vertically behind the window when the tuning knob is turned, and the S-meter.

Below the meter the power switch and the switches for the meter and the AFC are located, to the right the band selector, the tuning knob and below the controls for volume, treble and bass.

Technical principle

Single conversion with analogue tuning.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


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