Drake R - 8 B

Manufactured by R. L. Drake.

In April 1991, Drake returned with the announcement of the R - 8 to the shortwave receiver market after an absence of many years, the set was subsequently improved several times:

  • R-8: initial version: the different operation modes or IF filters could not be selected directly, by pressing a „carousel“ button the set went from one operation mode to the next, but without a „step back“ option, so that it was possible to switch from USB to LSB by pressing a button, but the way back to USB required the button pressd five times. The discontent of many DXers was increased because of the R-8 changed the IF filter bandwidth to a pre-programmed value simultaneously when the operation mode was changed…
  • R-8A: with six buttons each, direct access to all filters and operation modes was possible, 440 frequency memories with alphanumeric labelling
  • R-8B: Synchronous detector with independently selectable sidebands, 1000 frequency memories.
  • R-8E : European version of the original R-8

The R-8B is a double conversion tabletop receiver from US production, which was in the middle price segment in its country of origin. Due to the microprocessor control, alphanumeric labelling of the memories is possible in addition to the usual memory and scan functions, which makes the receiver stand out from the crowd. The receiver is operated entirely from the front panel, but it also is equipped with an RS-232C PC interface and can be controlled from a windows terminal or special control software. A monitor speaker is built-in, and an auxiliary speaker is available as an option. The only other option available is a VHF converter covering 35 - 55 and 108 - 174 MHz.

Drake R-8B

Technical data

Power supply


  • 335 x 133 x 330 mm, weight 6.0 kg


  • MS-8: external loudspeaker
  • VHF - converter
  • Software for PC control of the receiver


Tthe Drake R-8B is the latest variant of Drakes R-8 series and it's a station receiver with many features, which has 1000 memory channels and the capability of selectable sidebands in SYNC mode in contrast to the R-8A. All parameters can be read and set directly on the front panel, the useability of the memories is great thanks to the ingenious alphanumeric label function, and the receiver can be computer controlled.

Technical principle


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


Further information

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