Sangean, Chung Ho City, Taiwan

Sangean Logo In the 1980s, Sangean launched a whole range of compact travel receivers, from simple analogue sets to PLL dual conversion sets with many features. In Germany, the travel portables sold under Siemens brand usually originated from Sangean's production and were only fitted with an elegant black - gold cabinet - in contrast to the commercial shortwave receivers from Siemens - Halske.

Company history

Sangean was founded in 1974 in Chung Ho City, Taipei on Taiwan and focused on the development of travel radios. After the first analogue receivers, reasonably priced superhets with PLL frequency synthesis were introduced.

Sangean rarely sold radios in Europe under its own brand. In fact, the successful travel radios from Siemens in the eighties and nineties were all developed by Sangean, they only got a different cabinet in an elegant black and gold look. In contrast to the assertions of the representatives at the Siemens stand at the radio fairs, it can be assumed that the sets are identical to the Taiwanese originals, apart from come frequency restrictions for Germany.

In the USA, many Sangean sets were sold by Radio Shack under the Realistic DX brand. Sangean radios were also sold under the brand names of Uher, Braun, Roberts, etc. So it is worth taking a look inside a cheap shortwave radio to see if „Sangean“ is printed on the main board.

Further information

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