Sanwa 6090 DF

Miramo 6090 DF<br />. Manufactured by Sanwa, Japan.

The Sanwa 6090DF is a double conversion superhet that was sold at a comparably low price in the early 80ies. Unlike many other low budget sets, it already had a digital frequency display. The choice of components used and the circuit design are reminiscent of receivers from Matsushita, the Panasonic RF-2600 shows some similarities.

Sanwa 6090 DF

Technical data

Power supply


  • 330 x 230 x 100 mm, weight 2.6 kg


Sanwa 6090 DF


The Sanwa 6090DF, which was also sold under the Miramo brand, is an all-wave single conversion receiver with a digital frequency counter.

The portable receiver with its plastic cabinet measures 33 x 23 x 10 cm and has a weight of 2.6 kg, it can be operated from 220 V AC or 8 UM-1 mono cells.

In the upper part of the front panel, on the left, there is the green fluorescent digital frequency display. Similar to the Panasonic RF-2800 or RF-2900, the frequency counter is not absolutely exact. The displayed frequency can be corrected with the „SW Calibrator“ control when a station transmitting on a known frequency or a signal from a high stability signal generator is tuned.

To the right are the horizontal analogue frequency dials, the analogue field strength meter, the range selector and the main tuning knob.

Below the frequency dial, next to the speaker grill, are the controls and rudimentary frequency dials of the two multi-turn potentiometers used to set the two FM frequency presets - yes, the Sanwa 6090DF has two analogue FM frequency „memories“.

Below that are a row of toggle switches, next to the main switch are the switches to activate the digital display and the AFC; just below that are the jacks for an external speaker, the tape line output and a microphone input, the set can also be used as an PA amplifier.

In the lower right corner of the front panel are the pushbuttons for the AM and FM ranges and the two FM fixed frequency buttons; just beside them are the volume and separate treble and bass controls.

The operation of the Sanwa 6090DF is easy, mains and frequency display switches on „ON“, the mode button „AM“ has to be pressed and the band „SW2“ has to be selected with the band range switch, the tuning knob can now be used to tune to 6155 kHz and the strong signal of Austrian Radio from Vienna should be audible. If the signal maximum indicated by the S-meter does not appear exactly on 6155 kHz, the frequency can be adjusted with the „SW Calibrator“ until the signal maximum on the meter is exactly on 6155 kHz - the frequency stability of the RÖI signal is much better than that of the frequency counter of the Sanwa 6090DF.

Sanwa 6090 DF The reception quality of the Sanwa 6090 corresponds to the price class of the set (at that time, it was one of the first world band receivers with digital frequency display with a price tag of less than DM 500), the selectivity and frequency stability leave much to be desired compared to todays sets. From today's point of view, the Sanwa 6090DF is more of a collector's set documenting the era of receiver development before the introduction of PLL synthesis receivers than a suitable receiver for DX reception.

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet with digital frequency counter.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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