Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

Sanyo Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. is a major Japanese manufacturer of home electronics, as well as household appliances and air conditioners.

However, only a few shortwave receivers worth mentioning were manufactured under the Sanyo brand.

Company history

The company was founded as Sanyo Electric Works by Toshio Iue, a brother-in-law of the founder of Matsushita, in 1947 and initially produced bicycle lamps and dynamos. After 1950, the product range was quickly expanded, initially washing machines, refrigerators and radio receivers were produced, and from 1960 onwards colour TV sets, cassette recorders and air conditioners were added.

From 1975, Sanyo was one of the first manufacturers to produce lithium batteries, LEDs and solar cells.

Sanyo's semiconductor production was hit very hard by a major earthquake in 2004, and the company suffered a severe setback from which it could not fully recover; at the end of 2009, the majority of its shares was acquired by Panasonic and the semiconductor production was sold to ON Semiconductor.

Further information

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