(Grundig USA) Satellit 750

Satellit 750 by Grundig USA resp. Lextronix / Etón; developed by Lextronix, manufactured in China (Tecsun?).

Like the other „Satellit“ receivers with model numbers above 700, the set was developed by Lextronix / Grundig USA and was not sold outside the USA with the „Grundig Satellit“ designation due to trademark problems, but was given the designation „Etón Satellit 750“ or „Tecsun S-2000“.

Grundig Satellit 750

Technical data

Power supply

  • Mains operation: 220 V (apparently integrated in the Tecsun version ?)
  • Batteries: 4 x 1.5 V; external 6 V - power supply unit, cave: connector center - negative!


  • 372 x 183 x 153 mm, weight 2.66 kg


  • built-in telescopic antenna


The Etón Satellite 750 or Tecsun S-2000 appeared as a successor to the Satellite 800 around 2012 and was manufactured by Tecsun in China until 2017.
This set, developed by Etón / Lextronix, was the first time that R.L.Drake's development team was no longer the godfather, the reception characteristics are significantly worse than those of the Eton E1 or Satellit 800, and of course the set has nothing in common with the original Grundig world band receivers except for the Grundig USA logo (on sets sold in the USA).

Technical principle

Double conversion superhet with PLL frequency synthesis.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


Further information

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