Shokai NR-25F1

Shokai NR-25F1, manufactured by Japan 508 code company (according to MITI New Hope Jitugyou Co.).

The Shokai NR-25F1 multiband receiver is a Japanese multiband receiver that was traded as an export receiver thanks to its coverage of the VHF aeronautical communications band.

Shokai NR-25F1

Technical data

Power supply


  • 298 x 210 x 123 mm, weight approx. 2 kg


Shokai NR-25F1


The portable multiband radio has a leatherette-covered pressboard cabinet. It can be operated from 220 V mains or with four UM-2 batteries.

On the front panel, the loudspeaker grill is located in the lower part, above it, under a cover, the horizontally arranged frequency dials, below it the slider controls for tone, volume and the mains switch. The dial illumination can be activated with a small red push-button.

The push-buttons for the frequency range selection are located on the top of the unit; they tend to get a little dusty and usually need a cleaning after the set has not been used for a longer time period.

Shokai NR-25F1 On the right face are the slide switches for AFC and battery / mains operation. The lower half of the back can be folded up to access the battery compartment, and the mains cable can be stored in a second compartment.

The reception characteristics are not outstanding, the tuning is coarse and in the shortwave ranges, exact tuning to a station on a known frequency is hardly possible. The strongest international stations can be found, but the frequency marks are too wide to tune a frequency with accuracy.

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet


Shokai NR-25F1 The set is solid state.

Technical documentation


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