Icom tabletop receivers

The company Inoue Electric Factory Company Ltd. was founded in 1964 and got a reputation for it's solid state amateur radio equipment, initially operating in the VHF range.

After portable transceivers, Icom presented it's IC-R70 receiver in 1982. After gettings experience with the receiver circuitry of HF transceivers, Icom's first receiver R-70 was a quadruple conversion set which covered the range 100 kHz - 30 MHz. Due to its relationship to amateur radio equipment, this receiver had a operation schema which was a bit quirky, but with it's RF Notch and excellent passband tuning, set featured excellent post-processing especially of faint CW and radioteletype signals.

In 1984, this receiver was replaced by the IC-R71A, which allowed direct frequency entry via a numeric keypad, and an IR remote control was optionally available. Be careful when changing the back-up batteries of this receiver, after a loss of voltage, the set's ROM content gets lost and the radio must be sent to the manufacturer for reprogramming. The IC-R72 introduced in 1990 as a double conversion set in the lower price range was replaced in 1999 by the IC-R75 with DSP technology.

In addition, Icom offered a choice of wideband receivers, which could meet the highest demands and outshone the usual handheld scanners. After the IC-R7000, which similar dimensions like the IC-R71, the giant IC-R9000, which was equipped with a video monitor and could also display TV pictures and a spectrum analysis, followed as a high-end receiver. The product range was completed by several hand-held scanners.

Icom introduced a completely new receiver concept with the fully PC-controlled black-box receiver PCR-1000, which does not need a front panel and has almost no external controls, it's performance fits best into the scanner receiver range.

Tabletop shortwave receivers from Icom

IC-R701982Quadruple conversion100 kHz - 30 MHzAM, SSB, CW, nb FM optional; 2 VFOs, notch, passband tuning, noise blanker
IC-R71 A / E(urope) / D(eutschland)1986quadruple conversion100 kHz - 30 MHzAM, SSB, CW, nb FM optional; 32 memories, notch, PBT (later IF shift), ROM content loss on battery change!
IC-R721990Double conversion100 kHz - 30 MHzAM, SSB, CW, nb FM opt.; 99 memories, noise blanker
IC-R751999Triple conversion30 kHz - 60 MHzAM, SSB, FM; AM synchronous detector, DSP optional, double PBT

Wide Band Receivers by Icom

IC-R70001986Double / triple / quadruple conversion25 - 1999.9 MHzAM, SSB, FM w-n; 99 memories
IC-R71001991Double / triple conversion25 - 2000 MHzAM / SSB / FM w-n; 900 memories
IC-R85001996Triple conversion100 kHz - 2 GHzAM, SSB, FM w-n; 1000 memories, IF shift, noise blanker
IC-R90001989Quadruple conversion30 kHz - 2 GHzAM, SSB, FM, TV; 1000 memories, Spectrum display, IF-Shift, Notch

Black Box - Receivers from Icom

IC-PCR10001998Triple conversion100 kHz - 1.3 GHzAM, SSB, FM w-n; computer control, computer spectrum display, IF shift
IC-PCR100 10 kHz - 1.3 GHzAM, FM n-w; conputer control

Handheld scanners from Icom

IC-R1001990double conversion500 kHz - 1.8 GHzAM, FM n-w; 100 memories
IC-R11990Handheld scanner100 kHz - 1.3 GHzAM, FM n-w; 100 memories
IC-R101996Handheld scanner500 kHz - 1.3 GHzAM, SSB, FM n-w; 1000 memories
IC-R21998Micro handheld scanner500 kHz - 1.3 GHzAM, FM n-w; 400 memories, CTCSS decoder
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