Sony TR-8460

Manufactured by Sony Corporation, Tokyo.

With the Sony TR-8460, Sony had a very special set in their catalogues in the early 1970s; the TR-8460 aeronautical radio receiver only covered the aeronautical radio range of 108 - 136 MHz.

Sony TR-8460

Technical data

Power supply


  • 268 x 140 x 53 mm, weight approx. 0.3 kg


  • Earphones

Sony TR-8460


The Sony TR-8460 has the shape of a somewhat large pocket radio, the carrying handle can be folded to the front to operate the set in a tilted position. The set measures 27 x 14 x 5.3 cm and has a weight of about 300 g. The receiver is powered by 4 UM-2 batteries. It also has a connector for an external power supply.

On the left of the front panel are the rotary controls for volume and squelch.

To the right, the frequency dial occupies the rest of the front. The tuning is somewhat unusual: a slider with a pointer line is moved manually across the dial and thus tunes the receiver. Small plastic detents give a perceptible resistance when you move the slider over them and thus serve as frequency markers. If you press the red somewhat button on the tuning slider near a marker, the frequency marker can be moved to another frequency to be remembered.

Sony TR-8460 Operating the TR-8460 is uncomplicated. The antenna is pulled out, switch the set on with the volume control and set the squelch to the left stop to turn it off. By slowly moving the tuning slider, search the dial for signals, usually the automated weather information of a nearby airport can be received without any problems.

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet, IF 10.7 MHz Sony TR-8460


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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