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The Grundig Yacht Boy 600 is another representative of the early Grundig pocket multiband radios; it is very similar to the early Yacht Boy 400 but comes with a tiny signal strength meter.

Grundig Yacht Boy 400

single conversion superhet

analog dial,

UKW, LW, MW, 6 x SW,
49, 41, 31, 25, 19, 16 m with bandspread



digital clock, timer, signal strength meter

The Grundig Yacht Boy 600 is a portable multiband "pocket radio", with it's dimensions of 26,2 x 14,5 x 4,8 cm and a weight of 800 g, it is slightly bigger then a pocket book and will find some space in Your suitcase without problems.

The Yacht Boy 600 makes part of the early Grundig travel portables series with analog bandspread dials for several shortwave bands; it is quite similar to the the Yacht Boy 400, bit comes with an added analog signal strenght meter instead of a LED indicator.
The set was available in dark brown and silver colour.

The set covers VHF / FM, long and mediumwaves and six broadcast shortwave bands from 49 - 16 meters.
In the middle of the front panel, You find the slide control for volume, a rotary tone control and a sliding switch to select one of the six shortwave wavebands.
The analog dials for the wavebands are located at the right half of the frontpanel, the tuning knob on the right side of the cabinet. Four pushbuttons are used to switch on the set and to select the waveband, a fifth smaller orange pushbutton switches off the radio.
A tiny window for the quartz clock is located above the round speaker grill. You can set the clock to display the time, the minutes and seconds only and the alarm time; You can let the timer to wake You up by radio music or a buzzer sound. Next to the timer switches, You find a tiny analog signal strength meter.

The set is powered by five AA batteries for the radio and an additional clock battery, there is a connector for a matching Grundig external power supply. The antenne is a flexible / rotating telescopic antenna, the set offers no external antenna connector.

The set has an adequate sensitivity on shortwaves, but it's analog dial with coarse frequency markings is a serious drawback, the set receives only on six shortwave broadcast bands, the 22 meter band is omitted and out of band channels cannot be tuned.
With it's clock timer, the Grundig Yacht Boy 600 will make a fine travel radio as long as You rely on FM and mediumwaves and just want to catch up some news from the BBC or Deutsche Welle. If You really have to rely on informations from Your home on shortwaves, You should invest some money in a set with digital frequency display - from this aspect, the Grundig Yacht Boy 600 can be considered as collector's item that sometimes can be found for a few Euros at an online auction.

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