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überarbeitet am 6.11.2010

Single conversion, I.F. 455 kHz

Analog dial, bandspread dial

AM, CW with BFO



RF gain, bandspread dial, crystal phasing / notch filter

The SX-15 has a metal cabinet 45 x 23 x 28,5 cm wide, a hinged lid gives You access to the chassis for tube replacement or just to see how this wonderful radio works.

The receiver has a quite typical round metal disc dial with the frequency marks engraved, this arrangement is found in several early Hallicrafters receivers. In later receivers, the dial has been hidden behind a dial window. At the right, You find the round "porthole" with the bandspread dial.
At the left of the main dial, just below the "magic eye", You dins the main tuning knob "Band Set", wich will mode the main dial, and at the right below the bandspread dial the corresponding "Band Spread" tuning knob.
At the very left, You find the tone control switch which is combined with the mains on/off switch - also this arrangement is typically found on Hallicrafters equipment. You can leave the volume gain at Your preferred position when You turn the set off and when You turn it on again, the volume is not altered. In the bottom row of front panel controls, You find the volume control "Audio Gain", the AVC switch to activate the automatic R.F. gain control and the "R.F. Gain" control.
The switch in the middle off the frontpanel sets the receiver to "receive" or muted mode, the radio has to be muted when used in connection with a (amateur radio) transmitter.
In the right lower corner, You find the band selector, the switch for the crystal phasing filter with it's control and the BFO switch, the BFO beat note control is located just above.

This prewar radio has a undistinguishable appearence typical for the early hallicrafters radio and is a nice collector's item to demonstrate the way of the development of all wave receivers - it days from those years, when every brand had their special receiver design, far away from the uniform look of modern receivers.

© Martin Boesch

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