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revised 24.7.2010

Like with many other radio enthousiasts, the "radio bug" caught me, when I got an old domestic radio set, with it's wooden cabinet and the piano like knobs, as a gift.
And as quite often, wenn children start "mending" radios, my attempts with a radio from the dump ended in a exhibition of all kinds of radio parts on our kitchen table.

Over many years I got more and more radios from relatives and friends, from flea markets and charity shops. These sets took more and more space in our cellar, so I finally had to give them away, most of them found their new home at Beringen local museum, some of the in special collections.

You may find technical data and in many cases the schematics for these sets at the www.radiomuseum.org site. The online - Radio Museum is an excellent resource for schematics and alignment informations I really can recommend You to join this project and to help with contributions about sets, You know more about then we do...

further reading:
e: www.radiomuseum.org - the radio database
with a large amount of technical specifications and access to schematics and service data.

© Martin Bösch 23.9.2007