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Inoue Electric Factory Company Ltd. founded in 1964 got a good reputation fo their Amateur radio and transistorized VHF gear.
After some portable transceivers, Icom presented the IC R-70 in 1982, a quadruple conversion receiver covering 100 kHz - 30 MHz. Operation of this set is very similar to the operation of the receiver part found in Icom Ham transceivers in those years, not really straightforward - but the excellent passband tuning and notch and the superior stability made this set a good choice for CW and RTTY operation. The IC R-71A followed in 1984 and featured direct keypad frequency entry, it's major drawback is, that the set has to be sent back to the manufacturer for a ROM update, once the internal backup battery has to be replaced - this set won't even remember that it is a shortwave receiver after it has lost it's ROM content.
The low-end shortwave receiver IC R-72 introduced in 1990 and the IC R-75 with DSP facilities offer very reliable shortwave reception.
In addition, Icom has a range of wideband or scanning receivers, from the IC R-7000 with a similar design as the R-71, to the huge R-9000 with a screen that could even display television contents and could be used for spectrum analysis. There also have been several small portable wideband scanners, sized like the shirt-pocket VHF/UHV transceivers.
The Icom PCR-1000 was Icom's first fully computer-controlled "blackbox" receiver, this set without frontpanel controls has to be controlled by a notebook computer.

Communication Receivers

IC-R70: quadruple conversion, 100 kHz - 30 MHz, AM/SSB/CW/ FM optional, 2 VFOs, Notch, PBT, NB
IC-R71 A / E(urope) / D(eutschland): quadruple conversion, 100 kHz - 30 MHz, AM/SSB/CW/ FM opt., 32 memories, Notch, PBT (omitted in sets produced after March 1989),
Caution: will loose RAM content and will become inoperational when backup battery is low!
IC-R72 (1990): double conversion, 100 kHz - 30 MHz, AM/SSB/CW/ FM optional, 99 memories, NB
IC-R75: triple conversion, 30 kHz - 60 MHz, AM/SSB/FM, AM synchroneous detection, DSP optional, double PBT,

Wide band - Receivers

IC-R7000: double / triple / quadruple conversion, 25 - 1999 MHz, AM/SSB/FM w-n, 99 memories
IC-R7100: double / triple conversion, 25 - 2000 MHz, AM/SSB/FM w-n, 900 memories
IC-R8500: triple conversion, 100 kHz - 2 GHz, AM/SSB/FM w-n, 1000 memories, IF-Shift, NB
IC-R9000 (1989): quadruple conversion, 30 kHz - 2 GHz, AM/SSB/FM/TV, 1000 memories, Spectrum display, IF-Shift, Notch

PC-controlled - Black Box-Receivers

IC-PCR1000: triple conversion, 100 kHz - 1,3 GHz, AM/SSB/FM w-n, fully computer controlled, IF-Shift
IC-PCR100: 10 kHz - 1,3 GHz, AM/FM n-w, fully computer controlled

Portable Scanners

IC-R100: double conversion, 500 kHz - 1,8 GHz, AM/FM n-w, 100 memories  
IC-R1: portable Scanner, 100 kHz - 1,3 GHz, AM/FM n-w, 100 Sp.  
IC-R10: portable Scanner, 500 kHz - 1,3 GHz, AM/SSB/FM n-w, 1000 memories  
IC-R2: portable Scanner, 500 kHz - 1,3 GHz, AM/FM n-w, 400 memories, CTCSS - decoding