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überarbeitet am 25.12.2007

In the early years of wireless communications, the Swiss Army mainly relied on German made equipment constructed by Telefunken or Lorenz.
The very early sets have been installed on horse-pulled vehicles, later sets came installed on lorries. Portable sets that could be carried usually by several men have been added in the thirties.
You will find much more informations and images in the book "Die Funkertruppe" written by Col Rudolf J. Ritter, I got most of the following informations from his books - but they are written in german language only.
I hope to add images showing You the wireless sets, later.

Historic Equipment I
(WW I, WW II, until new designation scheme came in use in 1951)

Fahrbare leichte Funkenstation
"Mobile light spark wireless station"
, "fahrbare Militärstation" (1906/14, 2 sets):
Knallfunkenstation zum Schreib- und Hörempfang, B1, 1914 Umbau auf Löschfunken
Fahrbare schwere Funkenstation
"Mobile heavy spark wireless station"
Telefunken, "Schwere Feldstation 14"
(1916, 4 sets):
Sender: 142 - 545 kHz, 1500W B2, max. operating distance 100 - 200 km
Receiver E85: 136 - 2000 kHz
Tragbare Leichte Funkenstation
"Portable light spark wireless station"
Telefunken,"Marine- Landungsstation"
(1918, 4 sets):
Sender: 50 - 500 kHz, 400W B2, max. operating distance 75 km
Receiver E85: 111 - 1500 kHz
Ungedämpfte Station (US17/D)
Telefunken ARS68
(1918/19, 24 sets):
Transceiver: 187 - 1000 kHz, 5W A1, operating distance up to 12 km
Fahrbare Leichte Station 19 (FL19)
"Mobile light wireless station 19"
Telefunken, "Kleinfunkenstation 18 (GFuk18)"
(1919/21, 16 sets):
Sender: 187 - 2000 KHz, 400W B2
Receiver E213a: 88 - 2000 kHz, operating distance up to 150 km
Fahrbare Leichte Station 25 (FL25)
"Mobile light wireless station 25"
Telefunken / K+W Thun, improved FL19 set
(1926/29, 16 sets):
Sender ARS87: 187 - 790 KHz, 75W
Receiver E25 (Telefunken Spez 7Bs): 125 - 2000 kHz,
in later years, receiver E31 has been used with this station
Tragbare Schwere Station 25
"Portable heavy station 25"
Telefunken, Stat 10 U.P.I.
(1926/29, 38 sets):
Sender AR125b or AR245: 166 - 937 kHz
Receiver E25 (Telefunken Spez 7Bs): 125 - 2000 kHz
Fahrbare Schwere Station FS
"Mobile heavy wireless station FS"
Telefunken, "Schwere Funkstelle bespannt"
(1925/29, 4 sets):
Sender S219bs: 100 - 500 kHz, 200W A1, 50W A2, A3
Receiver E25 (Telefunken Spez 7Bs): 125 - 2000 kHz, later: E31
Schwere Motorfunkenstation MS
"Heavy motorized wireless station MS"
Telefunken / K+W Thun, "Schwere Kraftwagenfunkstelle"
(1929, 4 sets):
Sender S219bs: 100 - 500 kHz, 200W A1, 50W A2, A3
Receiver E25 (Telefunken Spez 7Bs): 125 - 2000 kHz, later E31