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überarbeitet am 5.1.2008

The Battery Case will provide all necessary voltages used for the operation of the Wireless set TL.


In the top shelf, You find the accessories used for operation of the set, the microphone with the transmit/receive switch, the morse kex and some headphones. In a little drawer, the necessary replacement tubes and voltage redulators are stored, some of them still in the original wrapping paper.

The core part of this component is the automatic power supply switch. The so called "Machine cable" from the pedal-operated generator or the mains power supply will provide the input voltages: Filaments -H (- 8,5V), plate +A (+ 330V), grid Gv (- 65V). The set will convert the voltages to the necessary operating voltages: Filaments Hs (Transmitter, - 8,5 V), He (Receiver, - 6,5 V), grid Gv (65 V), plate voltages As (Transmitter, + 330 V) and Ae (Receiver, + 180 V), a six lead cable will conduct the voltages to the transceiver case.

Using a 6V Fe- Ni - accumulator and three 60V plate voltage batteries, the set can be used for reception only.
In the "BETRIEB" (Operation) position of the charging switch, the set can be used for reception and transmission while the pedal-generator is operated or the mains power supply is connected. The accumulators are charged slowly using a 1 Amp charging current. In the "LADEN" (Charging) position, the accumulators are charged much faster using 3,5 Amps charging current, bus the set can be used in reception mode only.
The set switches automatically from battery to pedal-generator power when a sufficient pedaling speed of the generator is reached.

Caution: Never operate the set using the Mains power supply without having a matching 6V accumulator installed, high peak voltages can cause damage to the transceiver or the power supply unit.