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überarbeitet am 5.1.2008

The "TL" has been used powered by the pedal-generator and accumulators only, during the first years of it's use. In 1951, Zellweger (Uster) constructed a matching mains power supply set providing all necessary voltages for proper operation.

In the bottom parrt of the case, You find the power supply, connect to the mains using the pushbutton of the CMC automatic fuse, the meter is used to indicate the mains voltage.
Set to the measured mains voltage before switching on the set with the main switch.

The power supply will deliver the necessary filament -H (- 8,5 V), plate +A (+ 330 V) and grid Gv (- 65 V) voltages and will be connected to the battery case using the "machine cable". The correct operating voltages for the transceiver will be generated in the "Battery case".

The Antenna tuner seen on my pictures is usually stored in a separate spares, antenna and accessories case.