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BC-312 (Part of SE-402)

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überarbeitet am 27.6.2010

Single conversion, I.F. 470 kHz

Analog dial


1,5 - 18 MHz



Attenuator, AGC, Crystal Filter

The receiver BC-312 has been built by several contractors in the U.S. for the US Signal Corps in World War II and has been used as receiver in several wireless stations.
The Swiss Army used this receiver in their Funkstation SE-402 / SM 46, an American SCR-499/A bought as war surplus.

The complete unit Chest CH-121-A with the BC-312 as receiver, a speaker LS-3 and a morse key J-37 could be used powered from a 12V - accumulator CH-109-A as remote reception unit. From the remote location, the complete station could be used with remote control, local reception from the BC-312 and transmitter signal feed via field telephone line.
The receiver BC-312 is constructed very similar to the BC-342, but it's intended to be powered from 12V DC from a vehicular battery, the B+ high tension for the tubes is generated from a integrated dynamotor.