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überarbeitet am 25.12.2007

According to the new naming scheme, mobile wireless stations for use onboard a vehicle carry the designation SE-3xx:

Mobile Wireless Stations, designations used after 1951

SE-300 FL40
Zellweger AG, Uster
(1941/47, 98 sets):
Transmitter: 190 - 715 KHz, 1,5-4,5 MHz, 100W A1, 25W A2, A3
Receiver E41: 100 kHz - 60 MHz
SE-301 G3L
Telefunken / K+W Thun
(1935/37, 6 sets):
Transmitter Spez 914 Bs: 100 - 600 kHz, 3000 W A1, 1000W A2, A3, operating distance up to 75 km
Receiver E31 (Telefunken Spez 470 Bs), Hellschreiber: 100 - 1090 kHz
SE-302 G1,5K
Lorenz / Standard Telephon/Radio AG / K+W Thun
(1938/45, 33 sets):
Transmitter: 1090 - 6700 KHz, 1500W A1, 500W A2, A3
Receiver EO509/I (Lorenz) resp. E41: 100 kHz - 60 MHz