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überarbeitet am 25.12.2007

In the early years of wireless communications, the Swiss Army mainly relied on German made equipment from Telefunken or Lorenz. Later, in the years just before WWII broke out, Swiss companies started to develop the necessary communications sets with the aim to keep Switzerland independant from foreign suppliers. Amongst these manufacturers, You find names like Autophon AG (Solothurn), Standard Telephone and Radio AG (Zurich, the later Alcatel) and Zellweger AG (Uster).

The pages

will give You a survey on the early wireless stations used by the Swiss Army.
Most designations consist of an abbreviation of the intended use and the transmitting power.
Many of the older wireless sets were still in use after the introduction of the new designation scheme in 1951 and can be found in the following list under their new designations, too:

The year 1951 saw the introduction of a new designation scheme for all military wireless equipment used by the Swiss Army. All receiving equipment got a R-XXX designaiton, transceivers got an SE-XXX and standalone transmitters a S-XXX name.

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