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überarbeitet am 21.10.2010

In early seventies, Nordmende offered quite a range of different portable shortwave radios, the Galaxy Mesa 2000 was only capable to receive the 49 m shortwave band, the flagship was the Galaxy Mesa 9000 ST which came with a turret tuner and FM stereo decoder.

Single Conversion, 460 kHz

analog dial


LW, MW, KW + 49 / 19 m spread shortwave bands

Selektivity -6 dB


The Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 4000 (the set is imilar to the variants Galaxy Mesa 4400 from 1972 and 4404 from 1973/4) is a portable radio with integrated mains power supply equipped with the standard LMKU bands and two bandspread shortwave bands, the smaller brother Galaxy mesa covers only the 49 m band, the 4000 the 49 and the 19 m band.

The Galaxy Mesa 4000 with it's carrying handle at the top, has a weight of 2,5 kg, it's dimensions are 35 x 19 x 8 cm , in contrast to the older Nordmende Globetrotter sets, the speaker and the dials are located at the front of the receiver.
The battery compartment is located at the underside of the set, the set can be operated by two 4,5 V electric torch batteries, the mains cable can also be stored away in the battery compartment.

At the set's upper face, the pushbuttons for the wavebands are located, the big red pushbutton switches on the set.
On the frontpanel, the grill of the big 2 W speaker is located at the left and the frequency dials at the right hand. The set covers the 49 m "European" shortwave band (K3) and the 19 m "international" band (K2) spread over the complete dial length and the shortwave band 7 - 18 MHz (K1), in this band, dial accuracy is very poor, You will need very much luck to tune in a wanted shortwave signal, You might successfully tune in to a strong out of band station.
Below the frequency dials, the tone and volume controls (both are quite unreliable slide controls), the Mains / Battery switch and the tuning control.

The set has a convention technical construction, the slide controls and the pushbuttons tend to contact problems due to dirt and corrosion, after cleaning the contacts with a tuner spray or Ballistol, the set should be in working order again.
Ebenso unkompliziert gestaltet sich der Betrieb: mit dem roten Knopf einschalten, Bandtaste drücken, abstimmen, Lautstärke und Klang einstellen - fertig.

The Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 4000 is very simple to operate: Pull the antennas out, plug in the mains and turn on the set. Select the desired band with the pushbuttons and try to locate Your desired shortwave frequency - to locate the BBC or Radio France in the 49 m band will be not difficult, bet the set is nearly impossible to tune in the 41 - 21 m range and will not cover frequencies above 15,6 MHz.

In summary, the Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 4000 makes a fine kitchen radio, but it's not a "real" world band radio - for the collector it might be of some interest if You have the intention to complete Your Nordmende shortwave radio collection.

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