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überarbeitet am 21.10.2010

As a lower middle class set, the Galaxy Mesa makes part of Nordmende's Galaxy Mesa Shortwave / World Band radios from the early seventies. The Mesa 6000 is the earlier "cousin" from 1971 and the Mesa 6606 the 1973 model, technical data and shortwave coverage are very similar.

Single conversion, 460 kHz

Analog dial


LW, MW, SW 49/41/31/25/19/16 m spread bands

Selektivity -6 dB


The Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6000 (and the variants Galaxy Mesa 6000 and 6606) is a quite big portable radio with integrated mains power supply covering the most poular shortwave broadcast bands.

The set is equipped with a carrying handle at the top, it's size is 40 x 19,5 x 7,5 cm and it's weight 3,1 kg, a truly portable...
At the set's upper face, the pushbuttons for the different shortwave bands and the long, mediumwave band and FM are located, the red pushbutton will turn on the set.
The battery compartment is located at the rear face of the set, the set can be operated by six 1,5 V batteries, another compartment is meant to store the mains cable, when the internal mains power supply is not ins use.

The big speaker grill takes up nearly the left half of the front panel, the horizontal frequency dials the other half. The Mesa 6600 has two tuning knobs, one for the AM bands and the other one for the FM band.
The mediumwave dial has station marks for the major European long- and mediumwave stations, the horizontal bandspread dials for the 16 - 49 m shortwave bands come with coarse frequency marks only, the set has no fine tuning capability.
In the bottom row, the slide controls (usually not so really reliable anymore after many years of service) for volume and tone, and the switches for VOICE/MUSIC, the dial illumination and the MAINS/BATTERY operation, are located.

The Galaxy Mesa 6600 is absolutely easy to use: press the red pushbutton to switch the set on, select the shortwaveband with the corresponding pushbutton, tune in to the desired station (yes, i know, the accuracy of the dial is not really exciting) and adjust the volume and tone control. In case, the Mesa 6600 remains silent, check, if the power switch is set corectly to NETZ for use with mains power.

Several "goodies", that would make the Galaxy Mesa 6600 to a really good shortwave receiver, ale lacking: The set has no coverage of the tropical bands and no continuous coverage of the entire shortwave range, so out of band channels cannot be tuned. Without BFO, You cannot receive amateur radio CW and single sideband signals, the set has no selectable I.F. bandwidths, no signal strength meter, the list would be long - some of these points have been considered in the construction of the "older brothers" of the set, the Galaxy Mesa 7000 and 9000.

In summary, the Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6600 makes a better kitchen or workshop set, but it's definitely not a "real" world band radio - it might be of some interest to the collector to close those Gaps in the Nordmende shortwave radio collection.

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