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überarbeitet am 21.10.2010

I have found only very few informations about Nordmende's Globemanager, this set seems to have appeared shortly before the successful Galaxy Mesa series and has some features later found in the Galaxy Mesa 7000.

Single conversion superhet, 460 kHz

Analog dial


LW, MW, SW, 80/61/59/49/41/31/25/20/19/16/13 m spread bands

Selektivity -6 dB



The Nordmende Globemanager is a huge portable multiband radio, with it's dimensions of 46 x 26 x 11,5 cm and it's weight of 5,5 kg it is in fact portable but not the best choice to take with You on an airplane trip. The set is a direct predecessor of the Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 7000.

All important controls can be found on the front panel of the Nordmende Globemaster, at the rear, You find the battery and mains lead compartment. The two separate telescopic antennas for the AM bands and the FM broadcast band, are located at the top of the set.
On the front of the set, You find the speaker grille at the left and the big frequency dial in the middle, the wavebands are switched by the big pushbuttons next to the corresponding frequency dials.
At the right, just below the S meter which can be set to display signal strength or battery strength, You find the tuning knob for long- and mediumwaves and the tropical band marked "SW" / "K".
The center part of the middle tuning knob sets the turret tuner for the different shortwave broadcast bands, to tune to the correct frequency, use the outer part of this knob. The bandspread dials have coarse frequency marks helping You to find the correct frequency, the selected band segment is indicated by a red arrow in the dial pointing to the corresponding frequency band indicator just above the band spread window.
The tuning knob underneath tunes in the FM / VHF broadcast band.
In the bottom row of controls You find from the left the combined Volume and On/Off switch, rotary controls for bass and treble and pushbuttons for battery strength indication, P.U. / amplifier mode, AFC working in the FM band and to select the narrow and wide AM filters.

The Nordmende Globemaster is simple to operate: Pull the antennas out, turn the set on. Set to shortwave broadcast bands with the pushbutton BANDS and the select the 49 m shortwave band, the red triangle will point to the 49m band mark, and look out for the strong signal of Deutsche Welle, Cologne, somewhere between the 6.05 and 6.1 MHz frequency marks.
My Globemaster set has some problems with the contacts of the turret tuner and the bandswitch pushbuttons, these seem to be less reliable the the pushbutton arrangements found on the older Nordmende Globetrotters. The rotary controls have less contact troubles.

In summary, the Nordmende Globemanager as predecessor of the Galaxy Mesa 7000 is technologically outdatet but prestigious looking multiband shortwave radio; a Globemaster set in good condition might be a delight for the collector and a useful radio for the casual shortwave listener.

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