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Around 1987, Panasonic presented it's RF-B60, a PLL synthesized double conversion comapct travel shortwave receiver. It is quite similar to the RF-B65, but comes without SSB capabilities and fine tuning.

Double conversion, 55,845 MHz; 450 kHz

Digital display, 1 kHz


FM, LW, MW, SW 1,6 - 30 MHz

Selectivity (-6 / -60 dB)
3,6/ 10,4 kHz


electronic signal strength indicator, attenuator

36 memories, clock, timer

The Panasonic RF-B60 DL is portable shortwave travel radio, the PLL synthesized double conversion set comes in a compact cabinet with the dimensions of a pocket book, 198 x 118 x 34 mm / 600 g.
The RF-B60 covers the FM broadcast band and AM from longwaves up to 30 MHz, the PLL synthesized receiver tunes in 1 kHz steps and comes with an informative liquid crystal display.
The set can be powered from 4 UM-3 / AA batteries and additional two batteries for clock and memory.

The speaker is located at the left side of the receiver's front panel. Two buttons just below the speaker act as electronic ON and OFF switches, another button activates the 60 minutes sleep timer.
At the right hand, You find the liquid crystal display indicating the frequency with an accuracy of 1 kHz or alternatively the time ond a flat thumb operated main tuning knob.
Ten numbered keys just below are used for digital frequency entry, four pushbuttons at the left side select the waveband, some buttons at the right side activate bandscanning functions and are used to access a frequency directly or the lower adge of a shortwave broadcast band.
An electronic key lock, a tuning step selector, a tone switch and the volume control are located at the radio's right face.

As most of the buttons are self explanatory, operating the RF-B60 is not too complicated: Turn on the radio with the ON button. Press the key for SW, then for direct frequency entry FREQ - 6 0 7 5 - ENTER, and You should arrive at receiving the signal of Radio Deutsche Welle from Cologne, at least as long as You life in central Europe. To access the 49 m band, You can use the METER button followed by the corresponding numbered button 5. Within the band, You can tune manually with the rotary tuning control or the UP/DOWN buttons. When depressed for a longer time, the receiver starts a scanning mode, press the button again to stop scanning.
Use the M key followed by a numbered key to store the actual frequency into the receivers memory, the set can store 9 frequencies in each band segment (FM, LW, MW, SW).

Shortwave performance is reportedly very good, the receiver can still be used as a superior quality compact travel shortwave radio - You might consider looking around for a used RF-B65, a very similar set with added BFO for CW / single sideband reception and fine tuning.

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