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überarbeitet am 21.10.2010

Double conversion, I.F. 2 MHz, 455 kHz

Digital frequency counter, 1 kHz


coverage 145 kHz - 30 MHz, UKW 88 - 108 MHz

Sensitivity MW 60 uV,
5-30 MHz AM 1,1 - 1,4 uV, SSB 0,6 - 1,0 uV

Selectivity -6/-60 dB
1,7/6,0 kHz, 2,5/15 kHz

S Meter, RF Gain

under the hood

  • You can unmount the handles after having removed the plastic covers from the front side, now You have access to the screws.
  • After having removed fifteen screws (how serviceable!) at the top, the sides and at the sides of the bottom face, You can remove the cabinet cover backwards.

  • At the left, You find the main PCB, at the right the power supply section
  • In the inside, You can easily identify the frequency counter with it's well made shieldings, at the left, the bandswitch; over a red ribbon, the shortwave band segment switch at the right behind the counter is moved.
  • The Panasonic receivers tend to have contact problems with the I.F. wide / narrow switches, the bandswitches and the shortwave band segment switches. After having cleaned the contacts and the volume control potentiometer, most crashing noises have disappeared.

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