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überarbeitet am 22.10.2010

The big electronics manufacturer Philips originally based in NL-Eindhoven was not only one of earliest manufacturer of electronics components but also one of the earlierst companies producing domestic radios in big numbers in different plants across Europe.
Philips did always focus on the domestic market, it's first steps in the commercial segment were not too successful, only a few models were popular in the shortwave receiver field. IN several cases, the design of Philip's shortwave receivers has been outdated even in the moment, when the sets have been introduced in the market, and the reception quality did not meet the expectations made from the announcements in the advertisements.

The AL-990 from 1982 has a similar design like Grundig's Satellit 1400, the double conversion set came with a digital frequency counter and a BFO for CW/SSB reception, it's frequency stability was poor.
The D2924 is a smaller portable shortwave receiver using microprocessor controlled synthesized tuning - it was bad luck that it had Sony's ICF-2001 as a rival, it appeared too late, covered only the 49 - 19 m shortwave bands and didn't allow CW/SSB reception because it came without a BFO.
Two shortwave receivers using PLL synthesizer design introduced in 1985, the D-2935 and the technically similar but differently shaped desktop receiver D-2999, were much more successful. Both offer reliable reception of the signals of External services and the major international broadcasters with pleasant audio.

Desktop Shortwave Receivers

double conversion, FM, LW, MW, 6 x SW 1.55-26,2 MHz, digital frequency display 1 kHz, clock, BFO, ferrite / Loop antenna
D 2924:
single conversion, FM, LW, MW, SW 5,35-15,45 MHz,
AM / FM, 6 memories, PLL synthesis, direct keypad frequency entry
D 2935:
double conversion, FM, AM 150 kHz - 30 MHz;
FM / AM / SSB(BFO), 9 memories, PLL synthesis, direct keypad frequency entry
D 2999:
double conversion, FM, AM 150 kHz - 30 MHz;
FM / AM / SSB(BFO), 16 memories, PLL synthesis, direct keypad frequency entry