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revised 17.10.2010

English language translation almost finished!

Radio Pages in English! I decided to translate the majority of my shortwave radio website into English in Summer 2010. As the old website www.dr-boesch.ch will still be on the WWW for a while, I recommend all English language users to bookmark the new English language entry page.
As English is not my mother tongue, it took me a while for that job to be done, You might still encounter some typos (You might keep them, if You find one...)
Some receiver test reports from German language shortwave listeners magazines, which I got the permission to publish on the web, are still in German language only and there wil be no translation of these in future, You might try Google to have them translated into English.

What can You expect from the radio pages?
In the section portable receivers You find brief portraits of contemporary short wave receivers. Some of the receivers are still again available or can be found in the second hand equipment market in good condition.

The section travel receivers is dedicated to portable short wave radios. The size, weight and also the technical possibilities of portable receivers have changed radically in the past 30 years, it is recommended to look for certain models also within the communication receivers section.

In the chapter oldie receivers, You similarly find portraits of "boatanchors". That's a designation for older communication receivers are, which bring a certain weight on the scales, due to their tube or so called "hollow state" technology. Using these kind of sets can give You very decent short wave receiption with a sufficient length of an antenna for a reasonable amount of money. You might miss some of the goodies, that facilitate operation such as programmable memories, a clock, and so on.

Most of the information about military receiving and wireless equipment has transferred to my new website www.armyradio.ch dealing with wireless communications equipment used by the Swiss Army.

In the time line You may get an overview of the development of short wave receivers. In case You are looking for information about a distinctive receiver model, please consult the alphabetical receiver list.

In the section short wave reception I try to give an overview about the operation of a contemporary communication receiver with the all the possibilities of signal improvement, using the receiver NRD-535 with it's possibilities like the passband tuning, ECSS reception, notch filter, etc. as an example.

I abstain from giving You prices for used receivers and I don't have any commercial interests, the enthusiasm for a special receiver model or a manufacturer should be understood as my completely personal opinion.

I must ask for Your patience for a response to questions, short wave reception is only my hobby, my time resources are very limited. I will only exceptionally reply to questions in English, writing answers in German is a bit easier for me...

When You want to make a choice for a receiver, I con only recommend You to try a receiver personally, and better at home and not in a busy and noisy exhibition site or a radio flea market. Spend some time listening to a set in calm environment with appropriate antennas and at a favorable time of day (respectable night).

In the section domestic radios I present some domestic sets, which have been collected over the years ... Since I had to restrict my passion radios somewhat, I decided to give most of these radios away. You might encounter them at the occasion of an exhibition in our local museum, if You visit Beringen one day.
There might be the possibility to visit my shortwave receiver collection at my home, but as I don't have an official "museum" display room, consider it like visiting a radio friend, arranging an appointment is mandatory.