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I give my best trying the links from time to time, please contact me if You find a link to a site not available anymore.

Portale zum Thema Radio / Empfang

Radiokatalog und Forum: mehr als 74'500 Radios mit mehr als 38'000 Schaltplänen; 39'000 Bilder, Forum.
Swiss based project is a virtual radio museum faounded by Mr Ernst Erb. In the database You find informations about thousands of domestic radios, the number of ham or commercial sets registered is growing from month to month.
Downloading full size images and schematics / technical or alignment informations is open only to members contribution their images and schematics to the site. Excellent discussion boards.
radio-portal in this portal - site You find a large database with links to very many site related with radio and shortwave reception.
hcdx oder a site with top shortwave reception tips adressing shortwave listeners with ambitions...
Christoph Ratzer / A-DX - Liste On Christoph Ratzer's website, You will find not only informations about some of the finest shortwave receivers ever built, but You can also subscribe for the German language A-DX - short wave listeners mail-list

Shortwave listener's Associations (many thanks for all their support !)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft DX e. V.
In der Arbeitsgemeinschaft DX e.V. is an association of several german speaking shortwave listeners / DX clubs.
ADDX The ADDX is a famous shortwave listeners club with members from all german speaking countries. Together with the AgDX, they publish the shortwave listeners magazine Radio-Kurier / weltweit hören.

Frequenzlisten / Hörfahrpläne

EiBi Excellent shortwave broadcasting station's schedules compiled by Eike Bierwirth. Database of FM and TV transmitters and frequencies with country lists, bandscans from different towns. Mail lists concerning FM / TV reception.

Boatanchors / Oldieempfänger An english language site from Wolfgang Thelen and Gerd Niephaus concerning (mostly German) maritime receivers.
BAMA Kenneth Grimm's Boatanchor Manual Archive, an absolutely great resource for Boatanchor Manuals. An English language site with many schematics ready to download. An english language site: images and technical informations about more then 3000 sets. Heinrich Busch's German language site with informations from all fields of maritiime communications and informations on maritime receivers.
You may find more links to sites about receivers from a manufacturer at the bottom of the manufacturer's main page.