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überarbeitet am 22.7.2010

In this section, You find descriptions of short wave communication receivers - usually general coverage sets covering the complete short wave frequency range up to 30 MHz, these so-called communication or all wave receivers will give You reception of stations from throughout the world, as long as You find suitable reception conditions in Your surrounding, acceptable propagation conditions and sufficient transmitter power.
The time line will offer an overview of the development of the desktop receivers.

You won't find here "scanning receivers" with extended frequency ranges also above 30 MHz into the VHF und UHF bands used amongst others for FM radio, military, commercial and aeronautical communications.
There are several comprehensive Websites in the www.

You find informations about older receivers using tube technology, the so called "hollow state" sets or "boatanchors" (You might have an idea about the weight of this beauties in black or grey colour) in the section boatanchors.
Even if the operation of such a set might seem somewhat complicated and You won't find memories, alarm clock and all other bells and whistles, the receiving capabilities of such a second hand set quite often surpasses those of more modern receivers. Since older analogue sets are sold as "Surplus", from military and commercial services, You might find them quite frequently in the amateur radio market.