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überarbeitet am 22.7.2010

In this section, I would like to give You an overview over the small or miniature portable "world receivers". In the past 25 years the technical improvements were most obvious, the time line will give You an impression of the development.

Even in 1980 a Panasonic DR 28 or Grundig satellite 1400 have been advertised as travel radios, " can be easily carried by the big handle and can be safely stored under Your airplane seat... " Nowadays, the user of the miniature worldband radios, hardly bigger than a matchbox, needs pointed fingers, to press the miniature buttons and switches.

In this section You will find the worldband radios from around the size of a paperback book down to miniature size sets.
Sometimes, it's not easy to decide whether a model should go in the travel radio or portable receivers section, in these cases You might try both sections or consult the receiver list.