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CFS-950S Weltempfänger mit Kassettenrecorder

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Double conversion,

Analog dial, ca. +/- 2 kHz

MW, SW 1.6 - 22.1 MHz, FM-UKW


Selectivity -6 dB/ -60 dB
3,6 / 11,8 kHz

AM 1,4 - 3 uV

RF gain

The Sony CF-950S is a quite bulky woorld band radio with an integrated cassette recorder; the receiving circutry is technically based on the Sony ICF-5900 W, a double conversion receiver with crystal calibrator. The CF-950S has an integrated cassette recorder with the capability to include voice remarks during a recording.

The large format portable has protective handles on both sides of the front panel, it's dimensions are 43 x 30 x 15 cm and the weight 5,6 kg. The controls are scattered over the frontpanel in a slightly chaotic way. The telescopic antenna is located in vertical position at the right small face of the radio.
The set can be powered from 110/120 or 220/240 Volts mains, what I would recommend as battery consumption is high, or from four UM-1 / mono cell batteries.

In the upper part of the front panel, You find the speaker grill at the left, at the right the signal strength meter, the big switch for the crystal calibrator just below and the dial window with the horizontally moved film frequency dials for shortwaves, mediumwaves and the VHF broadcast band at the right. A tiny optic indicator will indicate the active band, the bandswitch pushbuttons are located just below. The dial marks are quite coarse in the VHF and MW bands, the calibration marks are quite easy to tune in the lower frequency shortwave bands, on the higher frequency, they are quite near so tuning is a challenge.

Just below the band switches, You find the next to the tiny microphone the main tuning knob for coarse tuning, in the shortwave ranges, the set can be tuned directly or it is tuned to the next 250 kHz calibrator signal for signal maximum and the fine tuning knob with it's dial marks for +/- 125 kHz is used to tune in a station on a known frequency with a high accuracy of better then 5 kHz.
The RADIO/LINE IN switch acts as main switch, in position ON, the receiver is active. In the right lower row of controls, You find the separate controls for bass and treble and the volume control, at their right the switches for the BFO (on shortwaves) and AFC (for FM) and the attenuator active in the LOCAL position.

The mono cassette recorder is located on the left on the front panel. The pushbuttons for PLAY, fast forward and rewind, etc. are located below the cassette compartment. The headphones jack is found in the left lower corner. The switch CREDIT IN is used to add a spoken comment to a recording from the radio. The cassette recorder comes with a mechanical band counter which helps You to find a tape position later, when You have written down the setting at the beginning of a recording.

As the circuitry of the receiver is based in that of Sony's ICF-5900 W, the shortwave performance is more or less the same. The markings of the crystal calibrator in the high frequency bands are even more narrow and the upper limit of the shortwave coverage is 22 MHz. Operating the receiver with the use of the crystal calibrator and the fine tuning dial is quite complicated, this might me the reason why most CF950S might never have been used as serious shortwave receivers according to Sony's intention but more as kitchen or workshop radios with cassette player and shortwave capabilities.
Tuning in a station on a known frequency is not that difficult, even more difficult is the task to determine the operation frequency of an unknown station, You might have wrong readings when only looking at the main dial and the fine tuning dial is not set to zero.

As later Sony radios (after the appearence of the ICF-2100) had a nearly foolproof operation scheme, the CF-950S is more a collector's radio then a versatile travel companion nowadays. It is one of the few examples of a shortwave receiver with an integrated cassette recorder, other sets are the tiny Sony SW-1000 and Sangean's ATS-818CS.

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