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überarbeitet am 30.10.2010

The ICF-SW22 has an external appearence similar to that of the ICF-SW15, but the radio is simply one step smaller and is nearly as small as the Sony ICF-SW1 (or even the Panasonic RF-9).


Analoganzeige, um 25 kHz


UKW, LW, MW, 7 x SW (49 - 13 mB)

Selektivität -6 dB/ -60 dB


Sony's ICF-SW22 has a very similar appearence as the ICF-SW15, but it looks, as if it had shrunk in the hot washtub - the cabinet and every control is reduced in size another step...
The tiny radio measures 115 x 73 x 28 mm and has a weight of 200g; that's about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

The Sony ICF-SW22 is powered by two UM-3 / AA batteries.

The left part of the receiver front is taken by the speaker. Most of the right half is taken by the dial window with it's vertical frequency dials of the spread 49, 41, 31, 25, 19, 16 and 13 m shortwave bands, the dials for mediumwaves and the FM broadcast band are located further right, the dial pointer can be seen through a small slot.
You find the sliding switch to select one of the shortwave bands at the receiver's upper small face and and the three pushbuttons, which act as bandswitches for SW, MW and FM below the dials. A turqoise pushbutton is used to turn off the receiver. A HOLD sliding switch prevents the receiver being switched on during the transport in the suitcase, in case one of the pushbuttons is depressed.
The thumbwheel volume control and the tone switch are located on the receivers left small face.
The tuning knob at the receiver's right small face is rotated without backlash, within the broadcast bands, the frequency resolution of the ICF-SW22 is around 25 kHz.

Operating the ICF-SW22 is absolutely easy: press the SW button to switch the radio on and to select the shortwave range, then use the sliding switch to select the desired shortwave band, position number 1 stands for the 49 m band, the selected band in indicated by a tiny mechanically moved indicator just above the frequency dial. Try to locate the desired frequency on the corresponding bandspread dial, this might not be an easy task as channel spacing between the dial marks is 100 kHz.
The Sony ICF-SW22 is a miniature shrtpocket travel radio, if You just want to listen to some local MW or FM stations or try to catch some english language news on the shortwaves with a no thrills analog radio - this might be Your choice. Production quality and eletronic design of this radio is better then in other "no name" sets shipped from China...
As an alternative on the used market, You might look around for a used ICF-SW1, a PLL synthesized receiver with digital frequency display and a similar size.


© Martin Bösch 26.9.2010 / transl. 16.11.2010