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überarbeitet am 17.10.2010

In the "Varia" section You will informations about what's new on my Radio Pages.

  • 3/2008: In the meantime, I managed to have translated most of the entry pages of the different sections of shortwave receivers like the travel radios, portable receivers and commercial shortwave equipment and "boatanchors". There is a certain impact of the pages of Swiss made Army gear and some commercial equipment as nearly anything is available about these sets in English in the net.
  • 10/2007: After I have seen, what the Google translation tool made from the text on my radio website, I decided to try, if I could do better. Of course, it's very very difficult, to do something better the Google does, but I try anway...
    So here You will find the first series of pages translated in English. I did start with the pages, You will reach from the entry page. When You go further "down" in the navigation menue, You will encounter strange sounding German text, and so on. While I have not yet translated everything, please rely on Google Translation Tool helping You...

Copyright issues

  • All the texts marked with © Martin Bösch, I have written or compiled personally, You might find some illistrations from catalogues, advertisements or original manufacturer's manuals.
  • I got the permission to publish several receiver tests from the German DXers Association addx e.V. The copyright still remains with ADDX.
  • Quite often, I encountered links in eBay or text references to receiver portraits on my website, with this I have no problems.
  • For a link exchange with a non-commercial shortwave or shortwave listeners site, please contact me by email. I only have links to sites without commercial interests.
  • Quite often I find text passages from my site or even images from my radios directly pasted in an online auction offer, e.g. eBay. Doing this, You violate my copyright and I may inform eBay so this might result in loss of Your eBay identity and credit points.
  • In case, You find images from Your website on my pages, please inform me, so I can take it off or give You proper credit. All the informations on my site are provided without any commercial interest.
  • By the way: this is not a mail order catalogue, I will not sell any sets. Maybe we could discuss a swap - but don't be too much disappointed when I decide to keep a set, and that will be the case very often.