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Watkins Johnson has been founded in 1957 and produced not only electronic components but also very high grade communications equipment. Many of these receivers have been used by military or official surveillance services.
Probably after 1998, Watkins-Johnson has been taken over by Marconi and later by BAE SYSTEMS North America (a branch of British Aerospace); in 2002 the Gaithersburg plant has been sold to Integrated Defense Technologies IDT and in November 2003 taken over by DRS Electronic Systems Inc.

Watkins Johnson equipment has mainly be used by the Services and Military services, there has been only one shortwave receiver marketed directly to amateur radio enthousiasts and semiprofessional users, the HF-1000 in 1993.

Surveillance receiver, triple conversion, ZF 60, 21,4 MHz, 455 kHz
0,5 - 30 MHz, linear analog dial; AM, CW, FM
521A-3:(ca. 1970)
VHF surveillance receiver, SW / VHF
20 - 80 MHz, analog dial and optional digital frequency display using Nixie tubes DRO-290A-1; AM, CW, FM; integrated panoramic display
WJ-8888 / "Quad8":(1972)
triple conversion, ZF 82,8, 10,7 MHz, 455 kHz
0,5 - 30 MHz, digital frequency readout; AM, CW, USB, LSB, ISB, FM; 4 memories
WJ-8888 B:(1976)
identical technical specifications, 4 switchable tuning speeds
WJ-8718A: (1982) double conversion,
5 - 30000 kHz; AM, CW, FM
WJ-8718 A / MFP: (1986) identical technical specifications, microprocessor controlled  
WJ-8711 / WJ-8711 A: (1990) double conversion,
5 - 30000 kHz; AM, CW, LSB, USB, ISB, FM;
DSP IF, AGCx2, RS 232 - Port
HF-1000: (1993) double conversion,
5 - 30000 kHz; AM, CW, LSB, USB, ISB, FM;
DSP IF, two AGC speeds, RS 232 interface;
semiprofessional receiver.