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Yaesu has been founded by a Japanese radio amateur and started with the production of ham radio transmitters. After the ham band only receivers FRDX400 and FR-101, Yaesu entered the market 1977 with it's FRG-7. The so-called FRoG was a solid state triple conversion allwave receiver, using Wadley - Loop - technology and a preselector, it sonn became a very popular allround shortwave receiver and is still considered as an absolute classic.
After the succeeding FRG-700 with a digital frequency display, the FRG-7700 with it's PLL synthesizer circuitry, optional internal 12 station memories and the optional external antenna tuner, active antenna and VHF-converter was a very popular and successful set, too.
The good relationship between price and performance was later found in the FRG-8800 and the slightly smaller FRG-100. It is obvious, that the manufacturer has it's roots in the amateur radio business, the receiver configuration can adapted and Yaesu never followed the bad habits of coupling reception mode - IF filter bandwidth - tuning step automatically together, the choice is left to the listener.

Desktop Receivers

FRG-7 (1976): triple conversion, Wadley loop circuitry, AM 500 kHz - 29,9 MHz, linear analog dial, AM, SSB, preselector
FRG-7000 (1977): triple conversion, AM 250 kHz - 29,9 MHz, digital frequency readout 1 kHz, AM, SSB, preselector, clock/timer
FRG-7700 (1981): double conversion, AM 150 kHz - 30 MHz, digital frequency display 1 kHz, AM, SSB, FM-n, clock/timer,
optional 12 memories, VHF- converter, aktive antenna FRA-7700, antenna tuner FRT-7700
FRG-8800 (1985): double conversion, AM 150 kHz - 30 MHz, digital frequency display 100 Hz, AM, SSB, FM-n, 12 memories, direct frequency entry keypad, scanning functions, clock/timer
FRG-100 (1993): double conversion, AM 50 kHz - 30 MHz, digital frequency display 10 Hz, AM, SSB, FM-n optional, 50 memories, optional external frequency keypad, noise blanker, clock/timer