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überarbeitet am 22.7.2010

Zellweger A.G., Uster, has been founded in 1875, in 1925 they moved their production plant into the buildings of a former textile industry / spinning company.
They produced a wide range of mechanical equipment, test and measuring instruments for many years. The former Zellweger Uster A.G. war merged with the Company Luwa, active in air condition and ventilation systems and in the textile industry. In 1993, the measuring and quality control instruments branch was transferred in the TEA AG (Technologie Engineering Applikation) by a management buyout, TEA is still worldwide active in the nondestructive testing business.
I have only very few informations about the production of telecommunications equipment of Zellweger AG, Uster.
Zellweger developed wireless telecommunications equipment in early WWII years, when Switzerland could not rely on foreign (mainly German or American) technology anymore. They developed the all wave receiver E41 and a range of manpack and mobile shortwave transceivers in the WWII years, later they were very successful with the mobile single sideband transceiver SE-222 which was produced in large numbers and supplied the motorized shortwave stations SE-415 and the Air alarm radio system SE-510.
As Zellweger did also produce precision engineering products as slide rules, the got the contract to produce a successor to the German encryption rotor machine ENIGMA, the NEMA has been produced in a number of 640 sets after march 1945 by a small team in a bunker in top secrecy.

If You have further informations about the history of Zellweger Uster and specially their production of wireless / telecommunications equipment, please do contact me!

Shortwave Receivers

Allwellenempfänger E41 (1940/41):
100 kHz - 60 MHz, AM;
Mains or battery powered, plug in coil sets, based on National PW-4 tuning capacitor
used a separate receiver or as part of wireless station "FL 40"
Zellweger E41
E 646
2 - 12 MHz, AM, USB / LSB;
Battery powered receiver/
Separate mains power supply.
Part of Air attack alarm radio system SE-510