Tube equipped receivers of C. Lorenz AG

Lorenz or Conrad Lorenz AG, Berlin Tempelhof.

Lorenz or C. Lorenz AG was a major manufacturer of military communications equipment for the Wehrmacht in Berlin and continued to produce commercial equipment and especially broadcasting technology in the post-war period, the company merged with Standard Elektrik into SEL (Standard Elektrik Lorenz).

C. Lorenz AG receivers

Eo 509/I1938Tuned radio frequency1.5 - 20 MHzwith detector for emergency reception
6P 203 A61957Single Conversion1.5 - 30 MHzadjustable bandwidth
6P 203 A51957Single Conversion1.5 - 8.5 MHzadjustable bandwidth
6P 3041957Superhet1.5 - 30 MHzcombination of 6P 203 with a FSK decoder
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