Kenwood, Trio Kenwood Electronic Inc.

The Trio-Kenwood company soon got a good reputation in amateur radio, home electronics, car radio and more recently in the production of mobile phones, computer peripherals and MP3 players. In 1986, the name was changed to Kenwood.

Company history

In 1946, Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. was founded in Komagane (Nagano Province), renamed Kasuga Radio Industry Corporation in 1950.

After the launch of their first 6-tube communication receiver, mass production of home electronics, communication and measurement equipment was started. In January 1960, the company was renamed Trio Electronic Inc., and in September 1962, the first transistor amplifier was launched to the market.

In December 1963, Kenwood USA was founded in Los Angeles as sales company for hi-fi equipment abroad. The first European subsidiary was founded in May 1968 as Trio-Kenwood in Belgium. The American branch Trio-Kenwood in Gardena - CA distributed amateur radio equipment from 1975 on. In June 1979, the first overseas production facility was established in Singapore. In 1980, Kenwood launched car radios, followed by navigation systems, mobile phones, and from 1997 computer peripherals such as DVD players and MP3 players.

Around 1980, the brand name Kenwood was used more widely, in 1986 the company was renamed Kenwood Corporation and in 1996 the suffix „Trio-“ was dropped altogether. Kenwood Corporation's Test and Measuring Instrument Division was separated from the parent company in July 1996 as Kenwood TMI Corporation.

The first Trio shortwave receivers were also sold in Europe under the Jennen and Lafayette brands. The shortwave receiver 9R-59DS, launched in 1968, soon became very popular, and the shortwave receivers R-1000, R-2000 and R-5000 set standards. In the amateur radio segment, the „Twins“ receiver R-599 / transmitter T-599 still have many amateurs as oldies, numerous amateur radio transceivers support the reputation of Trio - Kenwood until today.

Further information

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