Portable Multiband Receivers by Pan International

Probably manufactured by Uniden, imported by Pan International.

Pan International imported a number of Japanese receivers that covered not only the shortwave bands but also some VHF frequency bands not approved for public reception. Depending on the legal situation, the possession of a shortwave receiver covering such frequency bands (for example above 26.1 MHz) was prohibited in Germany. Later, in Germany possession was permitted, but only transmissions to the public were allowed to be listened to.

In Switzerland, posseding such a set was not illegal, but it was forbidden to evaluate or to pass on information picked up - completely unintentionally - in the police band range - while searching e.g. for amateur radio transmitters. The reception of radio amateurs in the 2 m band, for example, was no problem unless you held an amateur radio reception licence (HE9).

Pan's multiband receivers, which may have been produced by the Japanese company Uniden, were often appraised in the advertisements as having superior sensitivity („hear the world!“). In the shortwave range, they have acceptable but not outstanding performance, this does not correspond to the fantasy designations on the cabinet and often to the expectations of the owners of such a set.

Portable multiband receivers from Pan International

Crusader X (NR 82 F1) (Globephone GS8008DX)ca. 1983Double ConversionLW, MW, SW x 4, FM broadcast band, VHF x 4, UHFDigital display, 1 kHz (not active on UHF)
Crusader 5000 (NR 94 F1)approx. 1985Double ConversionLW, MW, SW x 4, FM broadcast band, VHF x 4, UHFDigital display, 1 kHz (not active on UHF); integrated cassette tape recorder
Crusader 8000 (CCPR 8000 PLL) (Marc II) (ICF-2002DX)ca. 1990Double Conversion151 kHz - 512 MHzdigital display, 1 kHz
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