Portable receivers from various Russian manufacturers

In the seventies and eighties, Russian multiband receivers also came onto the market in Germany and Switzerland - partly via the then still existing German Democratic Republic, partly via different ways, with the goal of obtaining foreign „hard“ currency - and they competed with Japanese equipment.

The Russian receivers were usually built in a robust cabinet and delivered appealing sound quality due to a large speaker. The dial calibration of most sets can only be described as rudimentary, and with poorly calibrated receivers, tuning in shortwave broadcasters became a guessing game.

Nevertheless, some of these russian sets are still much more reliable in shortwave listening than contemporary cheapish Aldi 10 Euro radio, because the components and circuitry were old(er) but rock solid.

Portable receivers from various Russian manufacturers

VEF 206 ca. 1975Single ConversionLW, MW, SW x 6 (60, 41, 25, 19, 16, 13 mb)Analogue display
Selena B-2121975Single ConversionMW, SW x 5 (160 - 80, 49 - 41, 31, 25, 19 mb), VHFAnalogue display
Euromatic 001 / Salut 0011977Double Conversion SW 2-5(8), Single Conversion on other bandsLW, MW1, MW2, SW1, SW2 - 8Analogue display, 4 SW & 4 VHF fixed stations
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