Sony ICF-SW40

Manufactured in Taiwan by Sony.

In 1996 Sony presented a compact world band receiver, the set with PLL synthesis has a rotary knob for frequency tuning and similar to the ICF-7600DA a pseudo-analogue LCD bar display above an analog dial.

Technical data

Power supply


  • 170 x 106 x 35 mm, weight 0.4 kg



The Sony ICF- SW-40 travel portable is a double conversion set using digital PLL synthesizer technology. It covers VHF, long and mediumwave as well as the shortwave range from 3850 - 26'100 kHz. On the back of the plastic cabinet, the set has a fold out stand at the rear.

The POWER key in the upper right corner turns the set on, the FM, LW/MW or SW key selects the corresponding waveband, pressing the SW key several times lets the set jump from one shortwave radio band to the next. The position within the FM, MW or shortwave band is indicated by a pseudo-analogue LCD bar, so that orientation within the band is possible to a certain extent. The tuning steps can be switched from 9 to 10 kHz in the mediumwave range and from 5 to 1 kHz on shortwaves. With the tuning knob, you can tune the set manually, a contrast to receivers with only UP/DOWN keys.

Twenty frequencies can be stored, after a longer press on the ENTER/CLOCK key, the set jumps into memory mode, the tuning wheel can be used to set the memory channel. Similarly, pressing the PRESET/MANUAL key calls up the memory and the tuning wheel can be used to select the memory channel.

Performance is as expected, but single sideband reception is not possible, so if you need that, the SSB-capable ICF-7600D or ICF-SW7600G would be an option.

Technical principle

Double conversion with digital PLL synthesis.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


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