Drake R - 7

Manufactured by R. L. Drake.

In 1979 Drake introduced the original version of the R-7, in the initial plans it was a receiver with analogue display covering the amateur radio bands. Soon the digital display became standard, and with the number of options integrated in the standard set, the catalogue price rose from US$1295 to US$1800:

  • DR-7: Frequency counter with digital display and extension of the frequency coverage from 0.5 - 30 MHz.
  • AUX-7: Additional board that allows the selection of 8 additional 500 MHz ranges with the AUX switch, for each range the corresponding range has to be defined by means of diodes on a RRM - 7 frequency range module.
  • Filter - Board: besides the 2.3 kHz filter in the standard configuration, further filters could be installed on an additional IF filter board, recommended were 6 or 4 kHz for AM, 1.8 MHz for SSB, 500 / 300 Hz for CW.
  • NB-7A: Noise Blanker, the noise blanker.

It is uncertain whether copies of the original R-7 without the option of digital frequency display were actually sold, but the majority of R-7s in circulation are probably the version R-7A with continuous frequency coverage and digital frequency display.

Technical data

Power supply


  • 345 x 117 x 330 mm, weight 8.3 kg


  • RV-75: an external VFO, an additional tuning knob, allows quick switching between two frequencies
  • MS-7: the external loudspeaker


For description see the version R-7A equipped with the options.

Technical principle


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


Further information

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